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Worth knowing about Pabna:
A district town in West-central Bangladesh


Maps: 1. Pabna District 
(Courtesy of Banglapedia: National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh)
                2. Pabna Town(incomplete map)
                3.Old map of Pabna District(from 19th century) 
                4.Van den Broucke's map from 1660(about 3MB)

Real Time at Pabna (Courtesy of   Astrodienst Online) 

Climate in Pabna Region (Courtesy of Worldclimate dot com)

Satellite Spotting in Pabna (Courtesy of German Space Agency) 

The Nearest Radio & TV stations are situated in Rajshahi & Natore respectively

Solar eclipses in Pabna -schedule for 400 years (Courtesy of astroinfo dot org)

Prayer time for Muslims(Courtesy of namazvakti dot com)



Pabna (24n0, 89e15, ) is a district town in the West-Central Bangladesh, 
situated about 130km NW of Dhaka. 
Ishurdi(26km from Pabna town) is the nearest Railway Junction,Airport and Weather station. 
From Dhaka,the easiest way to come to Pabna is by road by passing  Jamuna Bridge .Distance is about 238Km.
(Dhaka-Pabna journey takes about 4.5-5 hours via bridge). 
Up-down air-conditioned taxi fair is about USD 80(Bus fair is about USD 8).

For hiring Helicopter contact:http://www.bgyellowpages.com/atl/

Area: about 2371.5(443.9) square km,

Population:Total:23,16,873(Female:11,16,851 Male:12,00,022)
Density: 810(972) per square km. 
Literacy rate:26.8%(officially 42.6).




How did Pabna become Pabna?

According to the historian Radharaman Saha , Pabna is named after Paboni,a branch of the Ganges.

Archeologist Cunningham wrote that the name came from "POTH",a totem folk lived long ago in this region(Poundrabardhan). A survey map from 1850 depicts a Mouza(medium size village) named Padeh Pabna in the Nazirpur Pargana(pargana can be considered as a cluster of villages)

Mr. Haraprasad Shastri, the renowned author & historian regarded that Pabna originated from  Podubomba, a small feudal kingdom,which was established by a king named Shom, during the Pal dynasty period.

Historian Durgadas Lahiri, in his book Prithibir Itihash, used a map from the ancient period there a  village named Pabna can be seen.

A legend: There was robber(like Robinhood) named Pobana lived here long ago. He became a  legendary hero for his good deeds. People honored him by giving the name of his revir Pabna.

And Most probably from the Persian word "PANMBAH", which means cotton. Once a number of inhabitants here were weavers.

First time in Pabna:

The oldest available map of Pabna was made in the seventeenth century (1660) 
     by a surveyor named Van-den Broucke.
The Pabna District was declared on the 16th October 1828. 
     Lord W. Bentink was then Governor General of India.

Pabna Municipality was established in 1876.

Pabna Bar Association was established in 1879.

Pabna District Board  was established in 1885.

The first direct train between Calcutta & Ishwardi(Assam Mail) was on the 25th February 1915. 
    First Bus Service of Biswas Co. between Pabna-Ishwardi started in the same year.

In 1929 female students got the permission to study in Graduate level in Pabna   Edward College.

The first electrification started in 1936, by a private limited  Company 
    named Pabna Electric Company, by M/S H.K Banerjee & Sons.

1939:The Students Union of Pabna Edward College got their own Radio set.
(Under WWII)

On the 24th September 1962 first Dhaka-Ishurdi-Dhaka flight started by PIA.

Water supply in the municipal area was started in 1966.

After the installation of Digital Telephone Exchange on the 26th September 2000,
   the dialup internet service by the then BTTB was started on the 6th February 2002.On the 15th June 2009,Online Banking Service started by the Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd.The municipal area came under Broadband Internet network in June 2009.Although the mobile internet was introduced in 2000-2001.

The Pabna municipal area came under experimental natural gas distribution in August 2001 at Pabna Police parade ground under election campaign by the then Minister Md.Nasim.

About the Town and the district:

681 Km ashphalt road,100 km herring-bone road,3194 km cuntry-road.24 Hour Private rent-a-car facility is available.All thanas can be reached by road.And all most all Unions have come under road facility.

67 Km railroad,1 rail Junction,6 rail stations,1 airport(not in use now) & weather station is situated at Ishurdi.

Today Pabna is not considered as industry town, although before and decades after 1947,cotton and hosiary industry florirished here,which later shifted to Narayanganj.

5 Pharmaceutical Factories, The well known Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and Edruc Pharmaceuticals Ltd.,Universal have their factory in Pabna.

Square toilet products and food products have their factories here in Pabna.

Bengal Meat,an export oriented meat processing industry is established recently in Kashinathpur,Bera.

At Ishurdi:1 paper-mill(closed),1 Steel re-rolling(closed) 1sugar-mill,1 textile mill(closed).

Ishurdi Export Processing Zone(EPZ) was inaugurated at paksey,in 2001

5 Cement factories are operating in Pabna and Ishurdi.
There are some small Cotton mills,rice mills,a soap factory and a big biscuit factory

General Hospital,1 Maternity Hospital,1 T.B. Hospital,1 diabetic clinic,1 heart foundation,1 Eye Hospital, 1 Mental Hospital At least 23 Private Clinics,9 Thana Health Complexes,1 railway Hospital,1 Police Hospital,13 Health Centre, 1 Veterinary Hospital.1Livestock centre

Regional Agriculture Research Centre is situated in Pabna.Sugarcane and Cereal  Research Institute is situated about 15km from Pabna on Pabna-Ishurdi Highway.

Mosques(2112),Temples(345), Churches(9) in the district.

1 outdoor stadium,1 indoor stadium,1 swimming pool and a rifle shooting practice field,

The proposed site of the First Nuclear Power Plant of Bangladesh is situated at Ruppur, about 8-10km NW of Ishurdi.

9 Govt. rest houses and a number of residential hotels.
Some are air-conditioned. Among them one is recommended for tourists.

145 post offices,9 telephone exchanges.All telephone exchanges are digital.Fibre optic cable is already laid in Pabna and Ishurdi for Wimax.Internet,Telephone kiosk, Mobile telephone, Fax are  available widely  for both national and International calls in all thanas.

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